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Yılgör Technical Supplies Hydraulics and Automotive Industry was founded by M.Yıldırım Küçükbayraktar and İ.Yılgör as a lathe atelier in Kasımpaşa, İstanbul. Its initial work was producing spare parts for Çukurova Agriculture and Work Machines and Textile Thread Industry.

In 1980 it began to produce jacks and spare parts for Skoda Factory which belonged to Anadolu Industry Holding. In 1984 Anadolu Industry Holding began to produce Isuzu lorries and went on as Anadolu-Isuzu Automotive Industry.

In 1990, Temse Mitsubishi,a lorry and bus producing firm, joined to our client database. Our enterprise now works for Anadolu-Isuzu, TemsMitsubishi firms and other markets. Among our products there are auxilary part, platform lifts,mobile lifts, rescuers and height platforms.

We continue to seek for new markets to increase the import ratio from %15 to %50.

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 Telephone : +90 226 831 40 51 - 0226 831 41 86  
 Fax : +90 226 831 41 65 
 E-mail :
 Adrress : Bursa Yolu 6. Km 77100 YALOVA / TÜRKİYE